Clark is a service designed for consumers which makes it possible to manage your own finances on your computer, tablet or smartphone. More information under the Get acquainted page.

You can register both through your browser as well as our app. The registration only takes a few seconds. You can register with Facebook or e-mail.

The safety with Clark can be compared to the safety of your online bank. As a Finnish company safety is our first and foremost concern and therefor all traffic to and from our site is using encrypted SSL-connections. We constantly audit our user safety so we can guarantee a safe operating platform to our clients.

The registration and usage of the service is free of charge.

Our service creates a personal billing dress for you when you register which allows you to order invoicing and documents to the service. The billing address is a so-called e-mail alias as well as a e-invoicing address, which allows businesses to send the correct information to the correct user. You can find your billing details under your own profile.

In order to gather all invoices to one place we offer various alternatives, which ensures that all invoices will be added to the service:

1. You may give your approval to gather all invoices to one place. In this case all invoices that are through collaborating businesses will automatically be rerouted to Clark. It does not matter whether you currently receive the invoices through e-mail, e-invoicing or in paper format.

2. If the billing business is not yet in collaboration with Clark, you may use the personal billing address or e-mail alias in order to direct the invoices to the service.

3. Invoices in paper format can be scanned through the camera and barcode scanner in the application.

In Clark you pay your invoices by simply confirming your outgoing payments. The payment is made through your debit card. If you use the service through the browser you may also pay through your online bank.

Clark does not save your details, but the details are saved through a third-party PCI DSS –certified system. PCI DSS –standard is created by international card companies in order to provide the correct safety.

Unfortunately not all debit cards are accepted at the moment. The following Debit cards can be used: Nordea, DanskeBank, Op and Aktia.

In all simplicity we want to reward our users and encourage easy private financial management. You receive bonuses 0,3% for paying each invoice, also with recommendations and other properties within the application.

One hundred (100) bonus points correspond to one (1.00) euros.

You can withdraw the bonus and transfer it to your own bank account. The transfer usually takes 2-6 banking days.

The app works in all Android and iOS phones.

If you remember your username or e-mail used to log into the service, you can get a new password by clicking the forgot password button. We will then send a new password to your e-mail address. Otherwise, please contact our customer service.

Yes. When you log in you can change the details on your profile page.

The removal of your information and the termination of the services is possible by contacting us by e-mail at asiakaspalvelu@clark.fi.

Make sure that the settings on your phone are updated. Older operating systems does not always support the newer versions of the application. Also check, that the Clark app is updated. When you update the app, you are ensuring the newest properties are in use.

If your bonus is not registered on your account within one working day, please contact our customer service.

Purchases online can cause bonuses not to show for many reasons, so we have listed the most common reasons below:

1. The purchase was made without entering the shop through our website.

2. All web shops do not pay bonuses if you used a discount code or other benefits when completing the purchase.

3. You have clicked a link through some other channel in order to proceed to the web shop. The cookies are usually active 24 hrs, so if you used another provider, their cookie will be active.

4. The order or confirmation is refunded or cancelled.

If your bonus has not been registered, always contact our customer service, and we will try to track the purchase.

A Cookie is a grain of information designed to track the traffic to a website. There is no need to fear the Cookies, it dies not collect any information. If you do not permit cookies, the web shop cannot know through what page the traffic was directed on to their website.

The bonuses through web shops and offers are always registered on your account in locked format at first. The bonus is released when the web shop has paid us the bonus in question. If you have returned or cancelled your order, your bonus will also be cancelled.
 If you know that this is not the reason, please contact our customer service (asiakaspalvelu@clark.fi) and we will figure out why the transfer is not possible.

Please contact customer service. (asiakaspalvelu@clark.fi). The bonus is registered automatically but sometimes the automation may fail.

When you add a debit card to our service, we make a reservation in order to ensure that the card is valid. It is merely a reservation and we will not charge your card. The reservation is usually released in 1-2 days.

If you receive this error message, please check that you have activated online purchases on your card, and that the card has a sufficient balance. These are the most common reasons for this message to appear.

Documents are easy to add through the app by taking a picture of the document in question. By using your personal billing address, you can order documents straight to the service, such as payslips.

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